3 Tips for Budgeting a Short Film Production

A short film production can cost anywhere between 100 to 10,000 dollars to make depending on who is in it and what you're story entails. You should always create a budget when making a short film so that you can manage and keep track of how much money is being spent. Here are three tips to help you create a budget for your film that you won't go over.

1. Try to Overestimate

Try to overestimate what you're going to pay the crew and rental houses by about 25%. This will give you some wiggle room if you need something extra that you didn't plan for. 

2. See What Your Insurance Covers

Some locations require production companies to have production insurance. A basic short term insurance package that covers you for any damage you do to the public costs about 500 dollars. If you do need to get this, then also see how much it is to upgrade to get a package that includes insuring the equipment. This could save you money with your equipment rentals and might also cover the insurance of car and truck rentals for your shoot.

3. Budget for Contingency

After everything is said and done, you should also add a line in your budget for contingency, also known as the unexpected. Because you never know what could happen, you should be prepared for it.