3 Popular Ratings Websites for Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorder ratings are a great source of information and should always be viewed prior to purchasing a new camcorder. Due to the large variety of camcorders and their various features, careful research is required to assure the new camcorder you purchase will fit both your current and future needs. The current top review sites can be found in the list below.

1. Camcoderinfo

Topping the list of digital camcorder sites is Camcoderinfo. At Camcoderinfo, you will find a list of available camcorders categorized by manufacturer. This site’s staff actually tests each camcorder themselves and gives a totally unbiased review of each camcorder’s features and performance. Comparisons of models of similar price and capability are also offered. Additionally, market pricing is provided as well as complete analysis of individual features of each camcorder.

2. Cnet

While the previous website exclusively offers digital camcorder ratings, Cnet is a review site that also includes reviews of many other items. This site offers consumer reviews from people who have used a particular camcorder and posted their findings. You will have to read the various reviews and base your own opinion. This site does have a resident reviewer, however; it relies heavily on feedback from the people who use a particular model.

3. ConsumerReports

Digital camcorder ratings from ConsumerReports cover a certain number of camcorders on the market, but not all. However, it will give you a good insight into what the market can offer.

It is important to remember that a Digital camcorder is considered a major purchase since it is not something you buy frequently. Therefore, careful research is recommended before stepping out into the market place.