2 Experts to Study for Artful Film Production Design

Film production design is all about designing the overall look and feel of a movie, TV program, advertisement or music video. People who work in film production design generally take on key creative roles and work closely with the director and the producer of the media being produced. They are in charge of selecting the visual style and look that ultimately tells the story. The role of a film production designer is synonymous with the art director of a movie.

Here are two of the greatest people in film production design that you should study to gain the same insights to apply to your creations.

1. Cedric Gibbons

The legendary Cedric Gibbons has had the most important and widespread influence in the history of Hollywood. The period from 1930s to 1950s, also known as the golden age of theater architecture, saw great strides from this man. He is also the designer of the now world famous Oscar statuette. He designed it in the year 1928.

His set designs, especially the ones in the movies "Born to Dance" (1936) and "Rosalie" (1937) were the trendsetters for all he motion pictures that followed until the 1950s. His beautiful style was also heavily imported into every theater being managed by the Skouras brothers. His signature style is now famously termed as Art Deco and Art Moderne.

2. Owen Paterson

Among the more recent guys, Owen Patterson is known for his refined artwork on the sets of the movies "The Adventures of Priscilla" and "Queen of the Desert." Among his more famous works are the now legendary movies "V for Vendetta" and the "Matrix Trilogy." A different version of his styling can also be seen in the recently released "Speed Racer."