2 Basic Lighting Techniques that Every Cameraman Should Know

A lighting cameraman is a fully competent one person crew. Every cameraman should have some knowledge of a few basic lighting techniques because it has huge influence over how the image recorded will look. Here are two that will help.

1. Three Point Lighting

Three point lighting is the most basic technique for lighting a person. It involves using three lights. The first light set is called the 'Key Light'. This is the main light source because it is the brightest. It should be placed in a position that illuminates the best side of the subject's face.

Now, with just this one light, there are going to be a lot of harsh shadows on the other side of the subject's face. This gets reduced with the 'Fill Light'. This is a smaller light used to balance out the exposure. However, it should not be a perfect balance because having a little shadow adds some depth.

The last light that gets places is the 'Back Light'. This light hits the back of the subjects head and shoulders so that they pop out from the rest of the image.

2. Soft Lights

When shooting beauty photography, you want to use 'Soft Light' as opposed to 'Hard Light'. Hard light is light coming directly from the lamp. Soft light is light that is diffused either by being bounced or by passing through a diffusion material. Soft light beams are spread out and tend to wrap around the subjects face, filling everything in and reducing shadows to a minimum. This technique should be used when shooting older people as it tends to hide wrinkles in the face.