Fashion Photography: Location, Location, Location

Sometimes in fashion photography, the photography location matters more than the model. It can not only bring out the natural beauty of the model, but a new level of creativity to the portrait.


When possible, it's preferable to use the natural sunlight in order to showcase the subject. It can also save you from having to use a flash. The sunlight might also inspire the model to go for more exciting shots. Use nature to your advantage. Have your model sit on a tree trunk or in the middle of a field of flowers. The color contrast will add to the beauty and elegance of the photo.


Use the inside of an old industrial warehouse in order to get an edgy feel to the photo. The dark shadows in the warehouse will allow you to get a variety of quality shots. Be sure to inform the subject to wear either contrasting vibrant colors to stand out or wear dark, edgy colors to match the feel of the warehouse. If there is old equipment still inside the warehouse, they could be used as props for an interesting background.


If you have the option, have the model meet you at the beach for a shoot. This follows along the lines of the first paragraph regarding outdoor shoots. The natural beauty of the ocean will add a breathtaking view to the picture. Perhaps you could direct the model to the edge of the water for some pictures, or have the model sit in the sand. The sand is a matted, dull color so perhaps you could have the model wear vibrant colors to offset the backdrop.


Spring and summer are not the only beautiful seasons. Although you may not want to be outside for very long, use the beauty of fall and winter to bring out all of the vibrant fashion in your photos. Also, the changing color of the leaves during these seasons will be beautiful additions to your model.


Another interesting option for a shoot would be at a subway, or other urban locale. Using the contrast of the soft fabric versus the hard grit of the city life will provide for some remarkable shots.


Use statues or landmarks throughout town to get an amazing background. Just be sure to direct the focus of the shot on the model, and not the object that is in the background. Along with statues, other random objects can add a personalized element to a portrait. A picnic table will add a comfortable feel that people can associate with. Stand outside of a coffee shop and shoot some photos for a warmer feel. The world is your oyster.

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