Why Exposure Compensation Eases Shooting on the Fly

With any digital camera, exposure compensation is easy to effect and measure; most cameras can be setup to do this type of thing automatically for you. For different and desired effects, you can change this setting manually by adjusting a few settings. When composing your shot, you want to account for lighting to make sure you get the correct pattern of light and shadow to help accentuate different aspects.

Using Auto Settings to Your Advantage

When changing such things as f-stop or ISO setting, shutter speed can effect how long the aperture is left open to capture the image. Most cameras have auto settings that allow you to line up the shot and not even think about any of this. Make sure you get the right camera that fits your needs; you don't have to find the most expensive one on the market. Leaving these auto settings can help you in capturing that perfect sports moment, anniversary or any other special event that only comes around every so often.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: