When to Use an IR CCD

An IR CCD digital camera has many applications for both personal and business use. It allows the camera to "see" in another light spectrum.

The following are a few examples of when an IR CCD can be used.

Security and Loss Prevention

A common usage for IR technology is in the security field. It is also used in enforcement and in the military.

Tool for Vehicles

An IR CCD camera mounted on a vehicle is becoming an option with many car models. This camera will allow the driver to see beyond the range of the headlights to avoid collisions.

Medicinal Uses

IR cameras are often used by hospitals for the purpose of diagnostics. The cameras are used to check internal organs and other parts of the body on a microscopic level.

Utilities Repair

Using IR technology, a utilities worker can view a transformer to determine if it is in need of repair or replacing, as the IR will show the amount of energy discharge.

Dark Areas

If you are in a very dark or low light area, you can use the IR CCD function on your camera to light your way by using the display on the camera.

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