What Is the Anti Shake Feature on Digital Cameras?

Anti Shake is a new feature on digital cameras that allows users to shoot images at slow shutter speeds, without causing blurring when shooting hand held. An image needs light to be exposed.

ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed

There are three functions on the camera that determine how much light is needed and how much light passes through the lens. These are the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The ISO determines how much light is needed, the aperture determines how much light passes through the lens, and the shutter speed determines how long the image is exposed for.

In low light situations, you would make the shutter speed slower to compensate for the lack of light rather than changing the ISO (because that would affect the image's quality). Because the image needs more time than normal to be exposed, if you're shooting hand held, the slightest movement of your hand will cause the image to blur.

Anti Shake

Anti Shake is supposed to compensate for the blurriness. It is supposed to allow you to take pictures hand held at slow shutter speeds that look sharp. But, it's not perfect on all cameras. Some work great while others disappoint. Before buying a camera, research what others have said about it, especially in popular trade magazines where they always compare equipment to let readers know who makes the best stuff. 

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