What is Remote Capture on Digital Cameras?

Remote capture on digital cameras is achieved through specialized software. The camera is synced up to a computer, usually a lap top, through either a wire or wireless connection. When the synchronization is established, a user can use the computer to control the shutter. Other menu functions of the camera can be controlled too, depending on the software. 


There are two huge advantages to remote capture. The first is that the images are directly captured to your computer's hard drive, eliminating the need to transfer photos. The second advantage is that your computer's screen is larger than the LCD on the camera. You can see more details in your images, which have a direct effect on the quality.

When Would You Use It?

This comes in handy when shooting commercial photography. You can quickly check out the quality of your images as well as quickly apply effects. This is useful because it helps you know if you got the shot or if you need to go again. It also speeds up your work flow.

Remote capture can also be used to safely get high risk shots. You can photograph dangerous situations, like animals and explosions, while you're safely at your computer doing the operating.

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