What is a TTL CMOS?

A TTL CMOS digital camera combines two technologies that produce high quality images. TTL stands for "through the lens" and CMOS stands for "complementary metal oxide semiconductor."


Having a TTL digital camera means that when you look through the viewfinder of your digital camera, what you see will be what you get when you take the photograph. If you were to put a filter on the lens of your digital camera, you would be able to see the difference in picture quality immediately by looking through the TTL viewfinder. If your digital camera only has a rear LCD display, it is most likely not equipped with TTL. The image that you see through the LCD display may differ from what the actual picture looks like.


If your digital camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor, it means that each pixel has its own charge-to-voltage conversion. Basically, the technology aids in reducing noise in your pictures, while amplifying the overall quality of the image. The downside of a CMOS digital camera is that each pixel does it owns conversion. That means that there will be less uniformity in your pictures.

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