What F-Stop Should Be Used for Portraits

Digital cameras have auto features that can do many things for you, but as an aspiring photographer, you may want to experiment with different settings, such as an f-stop, to ensure that you get the best image from your camera. Never look at your camera like a scary device; think of it as your friend that provides memories.

Using the F-Stop

For those that want to make adjustments, simple ones can be made with the f-stop to allow different amounts of light. Adjusting this and using a self timer allows you to experiment with different pictures and allows for the best image to be captured. Trying to get children to hold still while you play with the settings might not make for a practical photo opportunity. It works well to shoot in f/10 to f/15; these settings will give you the most freedom for when you take them to image editing software. From there, you can do your own touch-ups and any extra cropping.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: