What F-Stop Should Be Used for Macro Shots?

Macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects such as dripping water from a sink or insects. Read on to learn what f-stop you should use for these types of shots.

Macro Photography

You would typically be using a long telephoto lens to capture the close up from a distance that will not interfere with the action happening. Ideally, you don't want an f/stop of 2 because the image can become grainy, but you often need to use a fast exposure because the slightest movement of your subject can create a blur. Also, if you're shooting something small from far away, like a rare bug, then you need to get that shot fast before the subject flies away.


Another reason to use a longer lens for macro photography is that if you didn't, then your lens would be too close to the subject to attempt any lighting. For this reason, macro photography lighting is minimal and might be limited to a small ring light around the lens.

So because your object is small, at a distance, and you can't do much for lighting you need to open up you f-stop to compensate. Do your best to create an evenly exposed, sharp image.

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