Using the USBFever iPhone Lenses

iPhones don't create the brightest photos due to the phone's lenses. However, you can certainly enhance your iPhone photos; one thing you must try are the USBFever iPhone Lenses. Although every professional photographer will tell you that pictures are not to be taken with phone cameras, the evolution in technology is quite amazing. A phone might perform very well today in a situation where your professional camera is not at hand.

iPhone's Primitive Camera

Apple's iPhone comes only with a 2MP camera that lacks zoom capabilities. When compared to other smartphones that are being produced with 3MP and more, the zoom is just a basic function. Most phones now have auto-flash, auto-focus and 2x zoom as basic features of their cameras. This is where the USBFever steps in. USBFever took a different approach and improves on the iPhone from the outside with its series of external lenses.

USBFever's 3 Lenses

The three lenses launched each have different specifications and functions, at very affordable prices. The first one comes at a price of approximately $20 and brings you the fish eye effect with an 170° view. Priced at around $17, the second lens will provide you with a wide angle with a 0.67x zoom factor. The third lens, titled "telephoto 2x zoom lens," also shares the $17 price tag and takes things even further, bringing up a zoom factor of 2x. These may not seem like out-of-this-world enhancements, but taking into account Apple's primitive features, these lenses should do a pretty good job.

Magnetic Attachments

A very clever thing about these three little lenses is their holding mechanism. They attach to the phone magnetically. How do you magnetically attach something to plastic? Quite easily, in fact. A small metal ring provided with the lens is attached to the phone by firmly pushing its adhesive face to the phone, and you're good to go. Another great plus for this holding mechanism is that the lenses can be attached to any other small cameras, such as built-in notebook webcams or even other phones. This adds to its value and versatility.

So, if you love your iPhone, but its camera disappoints you a bit, then this is what you've waited for. The USBFever iPhone Lenses may not turn your iPhone's camera into a DSLR, but the results will be visible and satisfactory. Taking into consideration the enhancements they bring, their innovative look and feel, and the decent price tag they come with, the USBFever iPhone Lenses are a must have for every iPhone user.

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