Using the My Colors Mode on Your Camera

One feature of digital cameras to be aware of is the my colors mode. Paying attention to and utilizing the my colors mode of your digital camera will give you some unique pictures that are entirely your creation. Even if someone else takes the same shot at a family reunion, your picture can have a flair of its own.

My Colors Mode Explained

In order to use the my colors mode, you need to understand the purpose and what it is. My colors mode is the capability to alter the picture before you take it or after it's already been taken. The alteration is done by changing the color effects, the brightness or the saturation of each photo.

Using Color Effects

Using the my colors mode to change the color effects of your pictures is the answer when you want to create more vividly blue oceans or skies. You can create balance between the red, green and blue or you can emphasize one.

Using Exposure

There are times when utilizing the my colors mode to brighten the subject or background is beneficial to the overall look of the photograph. Changing the exposure will create brightness when and where you want it.

Using Saturation

Color saturation is used when you want to create black and white, sepia-toned or bold expressions. You can also focus color in only one area of a photo if you prefer.

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