Using the iPhone Camera Flash with the Clarifi

Because of the iPhone's disappointing built-in camera quality, iPhone developers have made the iPhone camera flash app that works to fill the void that a flashless camera has left behind. Although iPhone's built-in camera is a weak 2 megapixel quality with no flash, no zoom and no auto focus capabilities, this has, in turn, inspired many a developers to make up for it in creativity and practicality. Along with apps, many accessories have been created that will work with your iPhone. The Clarifi Case for the iPhone totes a macro lens for close up shots. Between the iPhone camera flash app and the Griffin Clarifi iPhone case, a good quality pictures have now become a reality on your iPhone.

The Use of iPhone Camera Flash

Install the iPhone Camera Flash app onto your iPhone and launch it. The ingenuity behind this app is that you can now take pictures that look like they were taken with a flash camera without the flashing light from the camera. By changing the quality of the picture itself by adding "light" to the picture digitally, you save on the money that will be spent on adding the actual camera flash device onto your iPhone itself. When using the app, press the button on the screen that will click for a camera picture. You can toggle between the original and the digitally enhanced flash picture. There is remarkable change depending on the original quality of the picture.

The Clarifi Macro Lens and Case

The Clarifi case is designed from two pieces, joined together in a way that will still allow the use of other accessories like the iPhone Dock without having to remove the case (unlike other cases). Also providing protection for the screen, the Clarifi case is the best choice for your iPhone, and not only because of the protection. The main thing the Clarifi case has that really makes it unique is a macro-lens which will work with the camera of your iPhone. Situated on the back of the case, near the camera lens, it has a sliding mechanism that allows you to easily slide it in front of your camera and achieve great macro photos. The macro lens reduces the focus distance of 18 inches needed by the iPhone to properly focus to only a mere 4 inch, making it perfect for taking pictures of business cards and other text documents.

Macro Lens with iPhone Camera Flash

You can give your iPhone protection using the case, take great pictures by sliding the macro lens on and off your iPhone's built-in camera lens, and digitally enhance your photos to add "flash" quality using the camera flash app. Combine this with the many cool applications from the iPhone app store to play around with it a little more. Evernote, for example, is an incredible piece of software that helps you sync business card images to its internal notebook feature and allows you to efficiently manage all of your saved entries, finding the one you need easily and quickly. The SHAPE program is another great character recognition software that proves useful when managing the photos of the business cards taken with the macro lens.

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