Using the Gorillapod Tripod with an iPhone

An interesting concept is combining a Gorillapod tripod with an iPhone. The camera on an iPhone is increasingly being used for more serious photography. Although phone cameras are traditionally not known for great quality, it has been said that when you need a camera, the best one is the one you have on you. The latest iPod phones now have the ability to shoot video and may also be used for time lapse photography.

What You Need

  • An iPhone 3G or 3GS with camera
  • An add-on case for the phone with a tripod attachment
  • A Gorillapod (flexible tripod)

Step 1: Assemble the Case

There are three types of adapters (quick release) available: a standard screw thread, a suction cup and an adhesive clip. The soft touch case that supports the iPhone may be assembled by clipping the Universal Camera Adapter, which has a ΒΌ inch tripod screw, to the back. A lock ring supplies extra security to ensure the iPhone is attached safely to the Gorillapod.

Step 2: Position the Camera

The Gorillapod has flexible rubber coated legs, which allows it to be positioned almost anywhere. It may be attached to the top of a fence, a rock or a car window.

Step 3: Applications

The makers of the Gorillapod also supply an application for the iPhone called Gorillacam. This application will allow you to employ some professional photographic techniques such as:

  • Digital Zoom
  • Self Timer
  • Unlimited Rapid Fire
  • 3 Shot Burst
  • Grid Overlay
  • Anti-shake
  • Time Lapse
  • Auto save
  • Press Anywhere
  • Bubble Level
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