Using an Universal Bellows to Minolta Autofocus Adapter

Universal bellows lenses can be very expensive, which is why you can save quite a lot of money by using lens adapters. These adapters make it possible to fit various lenses onto your camera. It's even possible to use a Minolta lens on these cameras with certain adapters.

Lens adapters are a useful way to recycle the same type of lenses on different cameras. They are also a way to continue using your favorite Minolta lens without needing to buy new equipment. There are lens adapters available for almost all cameras and lens mounts. This makes it possible to continue using a camera that you can't get the right lenses for.

Caring for the Adapters and Lenses

When using Minolta lenses with universal bellows adapters, there are no special care requirements. When you are not using the lenses, you must replace their dust caps. However, the lens adapters themselves are very easy to care for. These do not contain any glass, which means that they can be cleaned with a canister of compressed air. As long as they are clean from dust, they shouldn't affect the quality of your photographs.

Fitting the Lens

The adapter has a female thread to accommodate a Minolta Autofocus lens. This screws into the mount as if it was onto a Minolta camera. The lens will lock into the adaptor which can then be mounted on your Universal bellows mount camera. The adapter converts the lens to a universal bellows fitting, which makes it compatible with your camera.