Using an Universal Bellows to Leica R Adapter

Anyone who uses a Universal Bellows camera might be finding it increasingly difficult to find the correct lenses to use with this type of camera. This is because the cameras haven't been made for quite some time. In order to avoid this being a problem, you could consider using lens adapters. These adapters are a very easy way to use virtually any type of lens with your camera.

These lens adapters are made out of the highest quality materials and designed to stand the test of time. They use the correct threads to ensure that the lenses can be secured without damaging them.

How to Attach the Lenses

Attaching the lenses to the lens adapters is very easy. The lens needs to be securely put into the female thread on the one side of the lens adapter. This thread will accommodate almost any Leica R lens.

Attaching the Lens Adapter Ring

When the lens has been attached to the lens adapter, you will then be able to attach the whole thing to your camera. The adapter converts the lens to the correct original mount for your Universal Bellows camera.

Caring for the Lens Adapter

The lens adapter doesn't require any specialist care or attention. It is designed without any glass elements, which makes it possible to take photos without affecting the quality.