Using an Universal Bellows to Canon FD Adapter

Lens adapters can be used to utilize many different types of lenses on cameras which use the Universal Bellows mount. This makes it possible to save money by being able to re-use the same lenses on different cameras. It is also sometimes difficult to find suitable lenses for these cameras, which is why many people resort to using adapters.

The adapters make it possible to use Canon FD lenses on your Universal Bellows camera. These adapters are high quality, and make it very simple to enjoy taking photos with your vintage cameras and new lenses.

How to Connect the Lens

The lens can be connected to the adapter very easily. This is done by simply screwing the lens into the female thread on the adapter. Try not to over tighten this, although the lens does need to be tightened enough so that it clicks into position and cannot move.

How to Mount the Adapter

With the adapter installed on the lens, it will have the right mount to fit on your camera. This means that fitting it to your camera is as easy as using a standard lens. Simply put it into the mount, and then twist it to lock it in place.

To remove the lens, press the release switch and then unscrew the lens. The lens then needs to be stored carefully by replacing the lens caps.