Using an Universal Bellows to Canon EOS Adapter

Universal Bellows cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs alike. These cameras used a unique lens mount and while many of the cameras still work, finding suitable lenses can be challenging. If you are ever lucky enough to stumble across one of these rare lenses, you will also find that many of them are in bad condition.

An alternative to using professional lenses is to use a lens adapter. It's possible to use Canon EOS style lenses with the Universal Bellows camera if you use the correct lens adapters. These lens adapters make it easy to continue using your camera, even if you can't find the right lenses. It is also possible to use your favorite lens on many cameras, including vintage cameras.

Preparing the Lens

First, start by taking the back lens cover off the lens. This is the cover that you normally remove to connect it to your camera. Then the lens can be fitted to the lens adapter as if you were screwing it into a standard EOS style mount. This will convert the lens to a standard Universal Bellows style mount, which makes it easy to connect to your camera.

Connecting the Lens

Connect the lens to your Universal Bellows camera by carefully tightening it up to the thread. Then, remove the lens cap on the front of the lens and start shooting.