Using an C-Mount to Bellows Lens Adapter

Finding a bellows lens suitable for older cameras can be very difficult. This is because many of these cameras have been out of production for quite some time. The easier solution is to use a lens adaptor which uses a c-mount fitting. This makes it very easy to find suitable lenses for your camera.

These lenses are fairly easy to use and when you connect them to your camera, it is possible to fit different types of lenses onto your camera.


These adaptors accommodate almost all cameras which use a BALPRO bellows system. These are larger than standard bellows, and this means that you can also fit some medium format lenses to the cameras. If you want to fit a 35mm lens, then you will also need to screw in a 35mm reducer. Once you have fitted the lens reducer, then it will be possible to attach most c-mount lenses.


These lens adaptors are made and designed in Germany to the highest quality. This means that they should last for a very long time. They are painted black on the inside of the adaptors, which minimizes any problems which can be caused by reflections.

These adaptors make it much easier to find different lenses which can be used on your bellows mount camera. By looking at these, it is then possible to use your camera, even if you can't find the correct lenses.