Using an Alpa to Pentax 42mm Adapter

Alpa produced some very well-known SLR cameras which were very popular with professionals. While these might be outdated compared to modern auto-focus SLR cameras they still have a number of popular features which make them attractive to use. These cameras were produced quite some time ago which will make it difficult to find lenses that are in a good enough condition to use.

If you can't find Alpa lenses but have managed to find suitable Pentax 42mm adaptors then you will need to use an adapter. By using adapters it is possible to connect a range of different lenses onto your camera including Pentax 42mm lenses. Using these lens adapters is very simple and shouldn't be that complicated. However, it is worth following a few simple instructions just so that you don't cause any harm to the camera or to the lens.

Preparing the Lens
First you should prepare the lens by taking the lens caps off both ends of the lens. Then carefully screw the lens into the adapter ring until it is locked in place.

Mounting the Lens
With the lens attached to the adapter ring the whole thing can then be connected to your camera body. Screw the lens into the ring as you would normally. This makes it possible to connect virtually any type of lens onto your camera including the Pentax 42mm lens.