Using an Alpa to Exakta Bayonet Adapter

Anyone using an Alpa SLR body might be finding it increasingly difficult to get suitable lenses. These lenses haven't been made for some time which can make it very difficult to find suitable ones to buy. Another option is to use lens adapters. These adapters make it possible to connect a range of different lenses to your SLR body even if it doesn't normally support them.

Using lens adapters to connect different lenses will make it much simpler to find suitable lenses to use. Lens adapters are available which can connect Exakta Bayonet lenses to a camera with an Alpa lens mount. Using these adapters is actually very simple but these few instructions will make life much easier.

Connecting the Lens
Before you can use the lens adapter you must first connect it to the lens. Screw the lens into the female thread on the side of the lens adapter until it clicks into place. The click shows that the lens has been locked into position.

Connecting the Camera
With the lens attached to the adapter the whole thing can then be screwed onto the camera. This can be done using the normal Alpa mount which makes it very simple. As long as you have experience using regular lenses with this camera body then it shouldn't be difficult.