The Benefits of an HD CMOS

The HD CMOS image sensor has become a bench mark in professional photographic image quality. With resolutions of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels they are at the fore front of digital imaging technology. Some digital cameras can also shoot HD video and are finding their way into the motion picture industry. 

CMOS technology allows a camera to read multiple pixel sites at the same time. This means that data is allowed to flow faster than ever before. The HD CMOS sensors are large, which operates by amplifying the pixels. This allows use to create sharper images with reduced noise. The ability of the sensor to operate at higher ISO levels with a reduction in noise means that we can take high quality images in low light situations. This drives the cost of photo shoots down as less lights are needed along with the technicians required to operate them. 

In addition to a reduction in lighting costs, CMOS cameras cost less to manufacture than CCD cameras. High quality digital cameras have never been as affordable as they are now. CMOS image sensors also consume less battery life than their CCD predecessors, allowing photographers to shoot longer.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: