Taking the Picture: Pressing Shutter Without Camera Movement

It can be frustrating to anticipate a great photo only to have your picture taking moment ruined by blurry photos. You can avoid some of the frustration and the blur by being purposeful when you press the shutter button. It's difficult to have zero percentage camera movement when taking a shot, but it is possible to eliminate much of the movement.

Use a Tripod

One way to avoid camera movement, and thus blurry photos, is to use a tripod or other device for stability. Being able to stabilize the camera on a device alleviates natural human movement. Another way to enhance the stability is to use a remote. If your camera comes with the option of using a self-timer and a remote, your shots are sure to be more clear.

Use Your Body

If a tripod, self-timer and remote are not available, the best thing which will help you press the shutter button without excess movement is to stabilize your body and the camera together. Resting the camera on your face, and resting your body on a surface such as a tree or building, will work wonders.

Lastly, when you push the shutter button, you should be gently pushing halfway down to allow focus and then smoothly pushing the button all the way down. One big mistake is to push the shutter button quickly with stiff movement.

Popular Tripods: