Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Nikon F

All Sony digital cameras are reliable and trusted. The NEX E series of cameras are all compact and portable cameras. Unlike other compact cameras, these use interchangeable lenses which makes it possible to change the lenses to take different types of photographs.

The NEX E lenses can be expensive, which can make the cost of buying a new camera much more difficult to justify. Another problem is that it won't be possible to find very large zoom lenses simply because the cameras are so small.

Nikon F Adapter

A lens adapter can be used to mount Nikon F lenses onto your Sony NEX digital camera. To use the Nikon F lens on your camera you can fix the lens to the adapter. The adapter is then screwed into your NEX camera. This means that there's no need to worry about buying new lenses for your new cameras. You also don't need to worry about not being able to use your favorite old lenses on new cameras.


These adapters make it possible to use virtually any Nikon F mount lenses on your camera. This means that you are able to use even the largest Nikon F lenses that you can find. By using larger lenses you will make your camera much more useful.