Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Contax Rangefinder

Using a Sony Digital Camera is always a good experience. However, if you have just brought one, buying all new lenses and accessories can prove to be very expensive. There is, however, a solution. It's possible to use your old lenses from other cameras, including Contax Rangefinder Lenses.

By recycling your old lenses, you are not only saving money, but you are also making it easier to keep on using your favorite lens. This also means that there is less waste, as fewer people are needing new lenses. These lens adapters are suitable for lots of different types of lenses.

Choosing the Right Adapters

There are lens adapters available for virtually every camera. These are also able to accommodate lots of different lenses. If you want to use Contax Rangefinder lenses on a Sony NEX E camera body, then you will need to choose that specific adapter.

Using the Adapter

Using the lens adapter is very simple. There are two threads on either side of the adapter. One is a female thread suitable for Contax Rangefinder Lenses. The other is a male thread for the NEX E mount. Attach the lens to the adapter first by tightening it. With the lens attached, the adapter can then be mounted on the camera.