SLR Camera: Using Manual Focus over Auto Focus

 single-lens reflex SLR camera is a special camera that uses a moving mirror system to allow the photographer to see exactly what is captured by the film. This can enhance the quality of your picture because you do not have to rely on the view from a standard viewfinder of a camera. The benefits of selecting an SLR camera is the precision of the picture capture and the professional results that it can provide. Also, with a SLR camera, you are able to capture photos at longer distances.

A drawback to using this type of camera is the weight of the camera. Due to the mirror elements needed to make the camera work, the camera will be much heavier than some standard cameras. Also, the mirror may cause vibration within the camera making it hard to get a steady shot. An SLR camera also will have a slower image capture speed.

When using a SLR camera, some prefer auto focus over manual focus, depending on the subject being photographed or the condition. In the following instances, you may prefer to use manual focus over auto focus.

Capturing Action Photos

When capturing action photography, it may be better to adjust the focus manually on the camera. Using manual focus gives you the capability to select a point that your moving subject will be traveling through; you can capture a clear image without waiting for the camera to come into focus. Using auto focus on fast moving subjects may not work because in the time it takes for the camera to adjust, the subject has moved on and the image you capture may be blurred or distorted.  

Macro Photography

When capturing macro photo images, there is less room for error when using manual focus. With manual focus, you can select the detail you want to highlight more clearly and bring those details into focus to create a more dynamic image. With auto focus, you run the risk of not being able to capture the details clearly or focusing on the wrong area.

Capturing Images through Glass or Fencing

When using a camera with auto focus to capture an image through glass or fencing, the camera may not know where to focus. Often times you end up with pictures where the fence becomes the main point of focus. Also, the reflections that glass can cast can confuse the camera as well. Having the ability to manually focus on what you want to take the picture of makes photographing through these obstructions easy.

These are just a few instance where using a camera with manual focus would be better than using a camera with auto focus. In the reverse, there are times when using auto focus is much easier than trying to manually focus a shot. The key is to decide the best method for the type of photo you will be taking.

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