Should You Save by Purchasing a Monochrome CCD?

A monochrome CCD camera creates an image where the color range consists of one color. The image is then made up of various shades of this color. Deciding if you should buy one is dependent on what you will use it for.

When to Purchase a Monochrome CCD

If you're installing a new security system in your home or place of business, then monochrome CCD cameras would be good to have because they will produce images that won't require that much memory. You'll be able to store a lot more hours of footage on a hard drive than you would with full color images. Although everything will be in one color, you'll still have a nice resolution where you can differentiate between what is what and identify people.

When Not to Purchase a Monochrome CCD

Unless you're using it for artistic purposes, it's not a good idea to use a monochrome camera for taking regular pictures. You might save money with it, but that money is saved at a huge sacrifice to quality; it doesn't justify itself. In fact, if you want the monochrome effect for artistic reasons, you're probably better off shooting the photos in normal full color mode and then altering it in an editing program like Photoshop. At least this way you have control over the look and can be flexible in your alterations.

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