Selecting Types of Security Cameras

There are many reasons one might be in the market for security cameras, and there are several types to choose from. The type you choose will depend on the purpose and location of the intended security camera. The type of security camera you need for keeping an eye on what's happening while the kids are home with the nanny is certainly different than the type of security camera you need for general outdoor security. The price ranges can vary greatly as well, depending on your needs.

General Purpose Security Cameras

The first type of security camera is the general purpose security camera, and there are a few different types in this category.

The first type is the home surveillance security camera. A home surveillance security camera is generally placed outdoors and there may be more than one around the perimeter of the home. These types of security cameras are meant to protect the home and the occupants. It's typical for a surveillance camera to be a motion sensor type and to run on a timer. The home surveillance security camera can be expensive, but it is a permanent fixture and is best when professionally installed.

Another type of general purpose security camera is the same as the surveillance camera, only it doesn't really operate at all. This type of camera is solely for the purpose of deterring prowlers. This type of camera is a fake for intents and purposes, but is inexpensive.

Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision security cameras are really meant to observe and protect areas that are poorly lit or are dark most of the time. For instance, a warehouse, an alley or a parking garage are all places you might find a night vision security camera. These cameras typically film in black and white because of the need to compensate for the lighting, so they need a lens that can adapt. In situations where a large area needs coverage, it is best to install more than one night vision security camera.

Wireless, Hidden and Covert Security Cameras

The most common types of cameras are the ones that are small enough and flexible enough to be hidden. These types of cameras are often referred to as pinhole cameras because of their small lenses. The hidden security camera can be placed just about anywhere you want to put it. These are commonly used as "nanny cams" to monitor the care of children while parents are out of the home. These can be put into clocks, picture frames, fish tanks, dome covers on the ceiling, vases, etc. Wireless security cameras are also known to be worn or carried on lapels, in brief cases, in writing utensils or even in pockets. The prices of these types of cameras vary greatly depending upon the quality.

No matter what type of security camera you need, it's best to research and shop around until you can find the best deal and the highest quality. A security camera is something that should not fail you when you need it.

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