Recording Yourself on a Camcorder

Recording with a camcorder can be fun, but also challenging...especially when you're recording yourself. After all, it's difficult to set up what you can't see. But, recording yourself is possible with a tripod, tape and monitor. Here's how to do it with a little running back and forth.

Find a Spot to Shoot

The first step in every shoot is finding a place to work in. You want to find an area where you can comfortably work because you're going to need some space for the camera and yourself. Since you are filming yourself, you need to lock off the camera, and you need to stay still when shooting. You can either stand or sit.

Set the Shot Up

Once you picked a spot to work in, it's time to set the shot up. The first thing to get up is your camera. Once that is on the tripod, connect the monitor. Now, look for a background you like, and aim the camera at it. You're going to stand in front of the camera with the monitor facing you so you can see how it looks.

Tweak It

It's unlikely that you're going to have the shot the way you want it right now. You need to tweak the shot. Step a little to your left or right and move the camera if need be. Once you find a placement that you like, take the tape and tear off two pieces. Make them into a 'T' and place it at your feet so the front is blocked in. This is your mark, and you can now move around and do other things without worrying about finding the right place to stand again.

Set the Lights

If you have lights, then set them. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming doing everything by yourself. Check how it looks. Move it. Check again and so on, until you get it right.

Shoot Some Test Footage

Do a rehearsal before you try and go for the real thing. This way, you can see how the footage will look. If everything looks good in the rehearsal, then it's time to shoot.

Turn The Monitor Away

When recording yourself, it's best to turn the monitors away from you because you might find them distracting. The only time you'll need to look at them again is when you check your play back. Also, try not to look at the lens. You might find that the hardest person to direct is yourself.

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