Positives and Negatives of Firmware Update on Digital Cameras

A firmware update is available for many cameras and can often be downloaded from the manufacturers own website. The firmware is the software which is used on your camera, and like any other software, it can be updated to offer new features and improved reliability.

Positive: Advanced Features

All of the features of your digital camera are provided by the software on your camera. The firmware updates often offer new interesting features which make your camera even more useful. The new features which can be included will depend on the hardware inside your camera as this cannot be updated.

Positive: Improved Reliability

Sometimes cameras are launched too early and this means that they are unreliable. Firmware updates can be used to avoid this problem. The firmware often fixes bugs and errors found in the original software.

Negative: Difficulty

The main problem with firmware update procedures for digital cameras is that they can be difficult. To update the firmware, the camera will need to be connected using USB and a special utility will be used to update the software on your camera.

Negative: Dangerous

If there are any problems while the firmware is being updated, then this can stop your camera from working at all. Sometimes it is possible to recover by updating the firmware again, other times you will need to take it to an authorized repairer to be fixed.

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