Nikon Lens Adapter: Leica Visoflex

The Nikon lens adapter for Leica Visoflex lenses is compatible with almost all Nikon cameras and other selected camera bodies which can take the Nikon F mount.


The advantage of this adapter is that you can continue using your favorite set of Leica Visoflex lenses with your present compatible model of camera. The Leica Visoflex system was originally introduced to bridge the gap between the "Rangefinder" Leica cameras and the later SLR versions. This system made it possible to connect a mirror reflex box to the Rangefinder and then attach the lens.


The Nikon lens adapter for Visoflex lenses is a precise mount with good standards, but there are some inherent problems in fitting certain Visoflex lenses. For example, when you use the M39 Leica Visoflex lens, the fitting will look snug and perfect, but the auto-focus and the automatic function of the diaphragm will not be properly executed. You will also need to use the "stop-down" mode while metering, as you cannot control the aperture from the body of the camera. The good news is that it does not have any problem with infinity focus.