Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Pentax K Lens

Micro four thirds cameras are new types of compact cameras which have interchangeable lenses. These make it easy to capture high quality images by focusing the image accurately. The problem with these cameras is that the new lenses can be expensive. It's possible to use lens adaptors to fit lenses that you might already have onto your camera.

If you already have Pentax K lenses, then it is possible to use these with your micro four thirds camera. This also makes it possible to use lots of different lenses including much larger lenses than you can normally use with these compact cameras.

Connecting the Lenses

The lens adaptor can be fixed onto the camera and then left there. This makes it possible to attach a Pentax lens and then change it for different Pentax lenses easily. It can also be removed from the lens mount, which makes it possible to put any normal micro four thirds lenses on the mount.

Using Large Lenses

One of the main advantages of using these lens adaptors is that you can use larger lenses than are normally available for these cameras. You can use very large zoom lenses, which are using the Pentax K mount. If you are using large lenses, however, it is very important that you support the lenses correctly. Hold the lenses when shooting to prevent excessive stress on the camera mount.