Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Olympus OM Lenses

When using a micro four thirds camera, you will be able to change the lenses. This is useful, however, it can be very expensive to buy all of the different lenses. An easier and cheaper option would be to use lens adapters. These lens adapters can be used as a way to fix virtually any lens onto your camera.

Another advantage of these lens adapters is that you can continue using your favorite lenses on your new camera. It should also be possible to fit lenses which aren't normally available for these compact cameras.

Mounting a Micro Four Thirds Lens

When mounting an Olympus OM lens onto a micro four thirds lens, you should find it fairly easy. The lens is screwed into the adapter ring and this should fit like it would on a standard camera. Once you have fixed the lens in place, you can then screw the whole thing into your micro four thirds camera.


These lens adapters are compatible with virtually all Olympus OM lenses, and this should make it easy to find one which is compatible. However, you must be careful if you are using any very large lenses because these can put excessive weight on the micro four thirds mount, which could cause damage. Hold the lens while taking photos to prevent this from being an issue.