Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Kippon Contax G Lens

A micro four thirds lens adaptor can be used as a way to save yourself money when buying a new camera. Micro four thirds is a fairly new type of lens mount which was developed in partnership between Olympus and Panasonic. There are many micro four thirds cameras available, including the very popular Lumix G1.

While these cameras make it possible to change lenses, they are quite expensive. To minimize the cost, you could try re-using lenses that you already have on your new camera. This won't, however, be possible unless you have a lens adaptor. These lens adapters make it possible to screw different types of lenses onto your camera including Kippon Contax G lenses.

Easy to Use

These lens adapters are extremely simple to use because they screw into the lens mount on your camera and can be left attached. This means that you can quickly change different Contax lenses by using the same adapter.


These lens adaptors are very high quality and made in Germany. They are made so that they fit securely in the standard lens mount of your camera. The threads are a perfect match for the original accessories, which means that they will secure lenses without loosening.


If you are using large lenses, then you should try to hold them to reduce any strain on your camera.