Leica M Lens Adapters: Leica M Bayonet Mount

The Leica M lens adapter allows you to connect your Leica screw lens to a bayonet mount on an M camera. Without this adapter, it is impossible to combine the screw lenses with M mount cameras. Using the adapter is easy. Hand tighten the adapter to the screw lens. Then, connect the lens with adapter to the M bayonet mount. When you hear a click, you will know that it is securely in place. 

Lenses with which the Adapter Works

Lens technology has been relatively unchanged for the last few decades. The only real difference was that the cameras and lenses of the 1930s through 1950s employed the screw on method. During the 1960s, the bayonet mount grew in popularity and became the industry standard that it is today.

Now, these older lenses still work fine, but they would be considered obsolete due to their mounting system. The Leica M lens adapter makes it possible to still use them with our cameras. Another advantage that this adapter has is that it is not just limited to Leica lenses. Other screw in lenses made from other manufacturers like Canon will fit in the Leica adapter as well.

An Important Note

While there are adapters that allow you to mount a screw on lens to an M mount camera, there is not an adapter that allows you to mount M mount lenses to a screw mount camera. These adapters would place the M lens to far away from the camera's focus plane, which would result in a camera only good for extreme close ups.