iPhone Camera: The Basics

Cell phone cameras are indispensable in everyday life, as is Apple's iPhone camera. The ability to take photos with your cell phone whenever and wherever you want, without carrying a separate camera, is a convenience.

The built in iPhone camera allows you to take photos easily vertically or horizontally and has a 2 megapixel rating. Once you have taken pictures, you have the option of storing them in your iPhone, emailing them, using them for wallpaper on your phone or saving them to a computer.

iPhone Camera Basics

Taking photos with your camera is easy to learn and put into practice. Using the iPhone interface, you activate the camera by tapping the "Camera" icon which looks like a camera lens.

Compose Your Picture

Once you have chosen the subject of your picture, aim the camera located on the back of your iPhone towards the subject. Using the phone's interface, view the image on the screen and focus the image. If you want a vertical or portrait style photo, hold your phone upright or turn it sideways to shoot a horizontal or landscape style photo.

Shoot and Save the Photo

To shoot your picture, tap the "Camera" icon again. Your picture will automatically be saved in the "Photos" folder in your phone. To take more photos, simply keep tapping the "Camera" icon.

Picture Review and Deletion

After taking photos with your iPhone camera, you can review them by tapping on the "Photos" icon on the main menu in your phone's interface. Tap the "Camera Roll" icon to check your photos. You can scroll through all of your photos by moving your finger from left to right. If you wish to display the left or right arrow controls, simply tap on the screen.

The deletion of unwanted pictures is done by tapping on the picture you want to delete and then tapping the trash can icon.

Email Your Photos

To send your photos to an email address, you must make sure that you have an email address that is affiliated with your iPhone. If you do not, you will not be able to email photos.

Emailing photos is accomplished by simply tapping on the photo you want to send and then tapping the "Options" icon. Choose from the menu and tap "Email Photo". If the recipient is listed in your phone book, you can select her from the list. If you do not have her listed, you can enter the email address manually.

Transferring and Viewing Photos on Your Computer

Your PC or Mac will recognize your iPhone camera just like it does with a digital camera once it is connected to your computer. Once connected, a pop up box will prompt you to choose a device, and you will choose the iPhone. After the device is selected, you will follow the prompts to retrieve your photos.

You can view all of your photos once they are copied to your computer after following the prompts.

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