iPhone Camera: Image Management

The Apple iPhone camera has many features that are simply amazing compared to other camera phones. There are several things that an iPhone camera can do. The images that it captures are comparable to other expensive cameras, but the camera also comes with image management software. Most phone cameras can only take the picture and e-mail them or save them, Apple goes another step further with their image management.

Cropping Feature With an iPhone Camera

There are many features that come with the iPhone camera image management. One of the great features is being able to crop right from the screen. With the display being 3.5-inches, it is easy to see and accomplish. The display is one of the most advanced features. Most camera phones you need to send them to your computer to crop the images. Now with the iPhone camera you no longer need to do this.

Image Sorting Unlike Other Camera Phones

When it comes to other camera phones, the images are stored in the order that they are taken. The iPhone lets the images be sorted by name or subject. These images are easily looked through and edited if desired. The images are in a gallery that looks like a playlist. There is no need to squint at the photos either; the image is clearly displayed.

Image Use Options

There are many options that you can choose to do with the photos you have taken. If you would like to use the image for your wallpaper on the phone, you can. Maybe you would like to send the image to family or friends e-mail after you have cropped it. The iPhone supports many popular e-mail applications, including Google, Yahoo, AOL, POP, Apple, Mac, and Microsoft Exchange.

Photo Apps

There are over 100,00 applications you can obtain for the iPhone. Some of them are for image management. One of the application names is PhotoForge. In this application there are many tools the user can play with to edit photos, including special effects and filters. You can undo and redo as many times as needed. It also has a "clone stamp" tool that most photo editing programs do not offer, as well as a brush tool with different brush strokes for you to use.

The Apple iPhone camera is revolutionary when it comes to photo management. You can use the software that comes with the iPhone, or choose to get many more applications that will make managing and editing your images fun and easy. You can do a search on your favorite search engine to find many of these applications and learn how to use them. You can also choose to send them to your personal computer and edit them as you wish or e-mail them from there.

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