iPhone Camera Apps: SwankoLab

SwankoLab is one of the most popular iPhone camera apps currently available, although this is somewhat of a novelty application there are some really useful things about it.

Choosing the types of applicatiosn that you want to install on your iPhone is important because installing everything available would be impossible and also end up making your phone unstable.

What is SwankoLab?

SwankoLab is ideal for anybody who loves photography and misses the days when they could develop their own photos. The thrill of mixing various chemicals together in trays and then submerging blank pieces of paper waiting for the photo to develop is special and magical. SwankoLab brings some of this excitement back.

When using SwankoLab you will be able to enjoy experimenting with various chemicals and mixing them together without actually having to get messy. Mixing the chemicals together and then placing your photos inside will create all sorts of interesting effects.


The great thing about SwankoLab is that you don't need to read any instruction manuals to use it. This is fantastic if you're not the type of person who likes to read these manuals anyway. The best way to learn this is through trial and error. If you take your time to learn what the different chemicals do when mixed together then you can create some great results.

With time you will be able to create some unique and interesting prints from your photos. It will just take time to master the different mixes of chemicals and work out what each chemical can do.

Ease of Use

SwankoLab is one of the easiest iPhone applications to use, just experimenting and playing about can create some unique results. It uses the touchscreen very nicely and this makes controlling all of the mixtures of chemicals very simple.

After some time you will find that SwankoLab is actually very addictive. Additional chemicals can be purchased from a separate App store which is built into the app itself. It's also possible to pay a subscription for a lifetime of support and free upgrades.


One of the best things about using SwankoLab is that it's a novelty application. Even so, it's still useful and actually serves a purpose. Once you have finished developing the prints they are then taken out of the fluid and then hung up on a clothes line to dry. The fun of this application makes it even more enjoyable to use. The fact that it's fun will also make editing your photos much easier and less difficult.

After Processing

Once you have developed the photo and it is displayed you then have a few options. You might like to simply save the photo back to your iPhone, other options include emailing the photographs to your family and friends.

SwankoLab is one of the most unique and interesting iPhone camera apps available at the moment. It's much more fun to play with than Photoshop mobile or any of the better known names. It can also create some truly unique effects that you could not easily achieve with other apps.

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