iPhone Camera Apps: Still Motion

There are lots of great camera apps which can be used on the iPhone and one of these is Still Motion. Still motion is a fairly simple and small application which can be installed on your iPhone. This application allows you to experiment with stop frame animation. Your iPhone camera can take a collection of still photos which can then be pieced together and played as a video.

Taking Photos

Photographs can be taken directly in Still Motion. This makes it possible to capture as many photos as you need to make the most of your video. You can either take photos manually or set the application up to take photographs at regular intervals.

Stop frame animation is very time consuming because you will need to pause and move whatever you are animating between every frame.

Still Motion supports taking photos and creating videos in both portrait formats.

Reviewing Photos

Once the photos have been taken you can then review them on the screen and decide which ones you want to keep. Preview the result to work out which pictures are useful and which ones really aren't needed. The process of removing and deciding which photos to keep is very simple and enjoyable.

Creating Videos

Once the still photos have been captured and you have chosen the ones that you want you will then be able to create the video. Videos are rendered by the application very quickly and the speed of the photos can be adjusted.

Ease of Use

Still Motion is like most other iPhone applications because it is very simple and easy to use. The interval of the photographs which are taken can be adjusted easily by using a slider. There is also a single button which can be pressed to take a single photo.

If your camera is mounted on a tripod and in a fixed position, then it's possible to use the application to take photos of anything. Taking a photograph of a DIY project as it progresses for example can create memorable and very interesting results.

Still motion is a great application to use and it's also very affordable. Anyone using still motion will be able to create wonderful animations with minimal effort.

Videos can then be shared on video sharing websites such as YouTube very easily as they are already created in the correct formats. New versions support battery monitoring which will prevent the application from taking photos if your battery is low.


Still motion is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The software requires at least iPhone OS 3.1. Your device will need to be updated before installing the application.


When using still motion there are some important things that you will need to consider. Firstly, your iPhone camera does not feature a mechanical shutter this means that you should avoid pointing it into bright lights or direct sunlight for too long a period of time. If you do then you could end up causing damage to your camera.

When using the software it will be interrupted if your phone receives a call or SMS. To avoid this, you should set your phone on Airplane mode.

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