iPhone Camera Apps: Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop Mobile is available for a number of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and iPhone. If you ever want to edit your photos on the move then Photoshop Mobile could be the best option for you to do this. Photoshop mobile is becoming very popular, especially considering that it's free to install.


Photoshop Mobile for the Apple iPhone can be downloaded directly from the App store which makes it very easy to find. It's also a very convenient application which will allow you to make all sorts of different edits to your images while you're away from your desktop computer. Although not as powerful as the full blown version of Photoshop, Photoshop mobile is capable of performing lots of edits and various different tasks which are very easy.


Cropping is perhaps one of the most common functions of any photo editing software package. It's also something that Photoshop Mobile can do very well. Select the crop icon and then use your finger to drag a box around the section of the image that you want to keep. Double tapping will then get rid of the rest of the image.

New versions also feature a straighten and rotate tool which is useful in case any of your photos are crooked.


Photoshop mobile makes it possible to apply various effects to your images. These effects include Black and White, Various Filters and Soft Focus. Applying these filters is very easy as it's simply a matter of tapping on the right icon for the effect that you want to add.

The best way to find out how the various effects will look is to actually try them out and have a look. Play around with a few of your photos to get a feel for how the app will work for you.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about Photoshop Mobile is how easy it makes editing your photos. It uses the iPhones touchscreen interface beautifully. This means that you can easily choose what to do by using your finger. Your finger can also be used to crop and apply various effects. It's like you have a touchscreen computer at your disposal. It's also much less complicated than the computer version of Photoshop which makes using it much more enjoyable.

The software also supports video playback and a slide show of all of your images which are stored on Photoshop.com.


Photoshop mobile also features a very useful undo function. This means that you can happily experiment. If you have made any mistakes then you can undo the effects by pressing the undo button on the screen. This gives you the freedom to experiment without needing to worry about ruining your original photo.


iPhone Photoshop mobile is more than just a photo editing package; it's also a very useful way to share your photos. If you register for an account at Photoshop.com you will be able to upload and share your photos with other users. It will also be possible to access the entire Photoshop.com image library on your iPhone.

Photos can also be emailed to your friends from within the application which makes showing your family and friends what you're up to so much easier.

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