iPhone Camera Apps: Photo Lab 1600

There are several useful photo camera apps for the iPhone, one popular app is Photo Lab 1600. This is designed to make using the iPhone camera even easier and also more powerful.

What is Photo Lab 1600?

Photo Lab 1600 is a popular and well-known photo editing application designed to run on the iPhone. Photo Lab 1600 is a powerful but simple application to use. This concentrates on offering both simple touch ups but also allowing more sophisticated editing abilities.

Ease of Use

This app is very simple and easy to use. Once the application is loaded there will be a series of four tabs located at the bottom of the screen. These tabs are designed as an easy way to control the software. The tabs include Color, Monochrome, Art and Crop. Selecting each of these will display a different set of tools which can be used to improve and touch your photo up.

Photo Lab 1600 also has a very useful feature of being able to display the image in split screen mode. This means that you will see the original image and the modified image on either side of the screen.

Color Tab

The color tab is designed to make adjusting the colors in the image much easier. The tools available on this tab include Negative, Night Gain, Auto Correct and White balance. The night gain is useful for any photos which were taken at nighttime and need a bit of improvement. White balance is a very useful tool which works very well, if you have anything in your photos which are supposed to be white but are discolored then this tool will work very well.

Mono Tab

The mono tab is designed to give you access to tools which are helpful when working with monochrome images. In this tab you can choose sepia, black and white, night vision, negative and dramatic black and white. Dramatic black and white is similar to black and white but with a greater contrast difference.

Art Tab

The art tab is home to a number of special effects which can be applied to your photos. These include Color, Embossed, Old Photo and Posturize. These are similar to filters and effects that you would find in Photoshop or other photo editing software. Applying these filters to your image will instantly change the look and make it completely different. Pencil and color embossing work very well and they will typically provide high quality results quickly.


Crop will probably be the most commonly used tool in the app because everyone will need to crop their photo from time to time. Cropping a photo involves drawing a box around the section of the image that you want to keep and removing the other parts of the image. When you click on the crop tool there are a number of different formats which you can choose to crop your photo to. This makes cropping your photo to a certain ratio very simple.

The crop tool also makes it possible to apply a border to the edge of the image. The size and color of this border can be adjusted easily to change the look of the image.

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