iPhone Camera Apps: Phanfare Photon

There are a number of useful iPhone camera apps which can make using the iPhone camera even easier and more useful. One very well known camera app for the iPhone is Phanfare Photon. By researching what these apps do and how well they work you can decide whether or not you want to install it on your phone.

iPhones are powerful phones but there are also limits to the number of applications that you can install and run on them.

What is Phanfare Photon

Phanfare Photon is an interesting camera application for the iPhone which safely stores all of your photographs on the cloud, aka the Internet and allows you easy access on your iPhone. This means that your photos will be safe no matter what happens to your phone but you still have access to them. Should you ever accidentally misplace your phone you can still salvage all of your photos on any computer or other device.

Phanfare supports both photos and videos which means that your collection will always be protected. This has a very good reputation which is widely regarded as being the best photo sharing application on the iPhone. This makes sharing your photos with the online community much easier.


In order to use Phanfare you will need to sign up for an account at www.phanfare.com. This is a subscription based service which you will need to create an account for before being able to upload and share your photos.

Uploading Photos

Your photos and videos can be uploaded easily from the iPhone through the app. It's also possible to visit the Phanfare website and upload photos and videos from other sources. All of these photos will be synced with your iPhone wirelessly to ensure your collection is up to date.


One of the best reasons to use Phanfare is because it will keep your photos safe. Phanfare will store your photos in their original formats so that they can always be downloaded if they are ever lost. Currently over 159 million Megabytes of photos are stored on the Phanfare system.

All of these photos are stored using Amazon S3 storage which is well known for being reliable. The photos are redundantly stored to ensure that any server errors don't affect the health of your photo collection. Phanfare prides itself in taking good care of your photos and will do everything they can to make sure they are never lost.


Phanfare also allows you to edit your photos either directly on the phone or on the website. Once the image is edited, both the original and edited version are stored, which makes it very easy to safely look after your image collection. Editing on the phone is fairly basic, but you will still be able to do all of the simple touch ups and edits that you would want to on a phone; this includes cropping and touching up the colors in a picture.

Phanfare is one of the most useful camera applications for the iPhone, however, you will only have access to your photos if you continue to subscribe to the service.

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