iPhone Camera Apps: Fast Tap Camera

Fast tap camera is one of the many software applications that can be downloaded and installed onto your iPhone. The iPhone is extremely popular because of the number of different apps that are available for it. There is, however, a limited amount of space on your phone which is why you must choose the software carefully.

Reading reviews about the iPhone fast tap camera application you can decide whether or not it's something that you want to install.

What is Fast Tap Camera?

Fast tap camera is a camera application for the iPhone that extends the size of the shutter button of the camera so that it fills the entire screen. This will allow you to easily take photos by simply tapping on the screen. This is something that many apps can do however this one also offers a few improvements.

The main point of the app is to make taking photos easier. This is especially useful when taking photos of yourself as you might not be able to see the shutter button itself. Simply tapping anywhere on the screen is normally much more convenient than needing to press a shutter button.


One of the best things about Fast Tap camera is that it opens very quickly. Most applications on the iPhone will display a splash screen and be very slow to get up and going. Fast Tap loads without the need of a splash screen. This is because the developers of the software want to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Extra Features

Unlike many of the other camera apps which make taking photographs easier by enlarging the shutter button, fast camera app offers some extras. There is a small "i" down the bottom of the screen which needs to be clicked to load up all of the extra features which can be useful.

Burst Modes

Perhaps the most popular features included with the applications are two separate burst modes, these make it possible to take multiple photos in one go. You can choose between 4X and SP which is the speed mode.

4X mode will take 4 high resolution photos one after the other. What's great about this software is that it's capable of taking photos in succession without first waiting for each one to save. This speeds up the whole process and make sure that you capture all of the action. Due to the cameras limitations, there is still a three second delay between shots which can be problematic at times. Once the four shots have been taken you will need to wait around 20 seconds for the photos to be saved.

SP or speed mode is much more useful, this allows you to take 50 lower resolution photos one after the other. Because these are low resolution images the lag is much less noticeable. This means that this part of the app is really useful.

Be careful not to leave this app running when you don't need it because it will prevent your phone from shutting off; this will result in wasted power and poor battery life.

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