iPhone Camera Apps: Camera Genius

Camera Genius is a very popular camera application which was created by CodeGoo to make using the camera much easier while still allowing for many more advanced features. There are dozens of different iPhone camera apps which you could consider installing. You will need to consider the software you want to install because there is limited space on your iPhone.

What is Camera Genius?

Camera Genius is an improved interface for the camera on the iPhone. Although Apple updated the camera and the software for the iPhone 3GS release there is still some improvement to be made. That's where Camera Genius comes into play.

Ease of Use

Camera Genius is a very easy piece of software to use because as soon as you open it the app will automatically activate the camera. This means that you can easily use it to take photos. The app creates a separate menu at the bottom of the camera and opening this can make it possible to apply various effects.

The app is also very cheap as it only costs 99 cents and can be downloaded directly from the Apple Apps store.


There are a number of very useful features included with Camera Genius which makes using the camera much easier and more useful. Pressing the menu button will open the menu of features.

Zoom will probably be the most popular feature which works very well, however this will have a damaging effect on the quality of the image. The camera is good enough to allow some zooming. However, if you zoom in too much the image will start to pixelate. However, this is a very useful feature because it can turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass.

Sound capture is a fairly interesting feature which is unique to this app. This will listen out for a sound that is recorded with the mic. Once, the sound is recorded it will automatically take a photo.

Anti-Shake is a very clever part of the app which will use the phones accelerometer to detect when the camera is moving to prevent the images being blurred or out of focus.

Big Button is an interesting feature which can be found on a number of other iPhone camera apps. This turns the entire screen into the shutter button. This makes it possible to press anywhere on the screen to take the photo rather than having to click specifically on the shutter button.

Guides is a very useful feature for anyone who wants to improve their photography. This is designed to give you advice about framing and shooting perfect pictures. This should make learning the basics of photography much easier since all of this information is available in one place.

Timer is a simple camera timer which gives you a 10 second timer with beeps counting down until the photo is taken. This means that you will be able to take photos of yourself easily.

Camera Genius is a very useful app which makes your iPhone camera even more powerful. The iPhone 3GS already has an upgraded 3 Megapixel camera but the software improvements are certainly a welcome addition.

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