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How To Dub a Camcorder Recording to DVD

Dubbing your camcorder recording to DVD is an effective way to preserve you're videos in one of the most modern ways possible. It would be useless if you can't watch all your precious videos that...[more]

Recording Yourself on a Camcorder

Recording with a camcorder can be fun, but also challenging...especially when you're recording yourself. After all, it's difficult to set up what you can't see. But, recording yourself is possible with a tripod, tape and...[more]

Using the iPhone Camera Flash with the Clarifi

Because of the iPhone's disappointing built-in camera quality, iPhone developers have made the iPhone camera flash app that works to fill the void that a flashless camera has left behind. Although iPhone's built-in camera is a weak 2...[more]

The Benefits of an HD CMOS

The HD CMOS image sensor has become a bench mark in professional photographic image quality. With resolutions of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels they are at the fore front of digital imaging technology. Some...[more]

The Rise of CCD Technology

CCD technology began in the 1960s as a new type of computer memory circuit that was highly sensitive to light. By the year 2000 the technology was appearing everywhere. Photocopying and fax machines depended on...[more]

How a Low Power CMOS Can Save Battery

Low power CMOS sensors are one of the greatest advancements in digital camera technology during the past decade. Digital imaging was first made possible through CCD image sensors that produced great images, but also required...[more]

How to Reset a CMOS Chip

If you are having trouble using your digital camera, you might consider learing how to reset CMOS. The CMOS chip is a type of image sensor which is used on cameras without CCD sensors. This...[more]

Effects of CCD Size on an Image

The effects of CCD size on an image are simply that of image quality. A CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) consists of several individual elements which collect, store and transport electrical charge from one element to the...[more]

3 Types of Digital Camera Sensors

Digital cameras are many and varied, so for now we will examine the 3 types of digital camera sensors that are most commonly found. These 3 are: the CCD (Charge-Coupled Device), the Bayer Filter and...[more]

How to Use a Free-Roaming CCD for Astronomy

If you are interested in taking photos of the sky, it is now possible with simple digital cameras that feature CCD astronomy sensors. Until recently, it has been almost impossible for most people to afford...[more]

How To Use The DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment

Using the DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment will significantly improve your iPhone's camera abilities. The Conice Zoom Lens adds a 6x optical zoom ability to your zoom-less 2MP camera, thus giving you the chance to take...[more]

How to Adjust CCD Sensitivity

CCD Sensitivity will affect the amount of light that your camera picks up and converts into your photo. The sensitivity of your camera can be adjusted so that more light can be turned into the...[more]

Using the USBFever iPhone Lenses

iPhones don't create the brightest photos due to the phone's lenses. However, you can certainly enhance your iPhone photos; one thing you must try are the USBFever iPhone Lenses. Although every professional photographer will tell...[more]

Object Detection Based on CCD Resolution

When you are working in digital photography, one of the things you need to understand is how to work with your camera's CCD resolution. There are many different aspects of digital cameras that can make...[more]

Using the Gorillapod Tripod with an iPhone

An interesting concept is combining a Gorillapod tripod with an iPhone. The camera on an iPhone is increasingly being used for more serious photography. Although phone cameras are traditionally not known for great quality, it...[more]

How To Make an iPhone Camera Flash

The iPhone was called the "phone of the century," and for good reason. But one thing this "phone of the century" lacks is a flash for its camera, so let's see how to build an...[more]

How to do the Shutter Release Technique

A critical step towards improving your photography would be to perfect your shutter release technique. It may seem silly that pushing a button requires practice, but doing it wrong can seriously compromise your images. Step 1:...[more]

How To Use Trick iPhone Camera Lenses

Who would have thought that trick iPhone camera lenses from Urban Outfitters would create such a stir amongst gadget lovers. A new gadget for your iPhone, the "Trick camera lens" allows you to take photographs...[more]

4 Auto Exposure Bracketing Tips

Auto exposure bracketing is a useful tool in difficult light situations. It allows you to capture 3 versions of your shot: one at exposure, one under exposure and one above exposure. There are several things to be...[more]

How To Import Pictures into Your iPhone

If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone then you will probably want to know how to import pictures iPhone. This will allow you to load the photos that you have taken on your...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Still Motion

There are lots of great camera apps which can be used on the iPhone and one of these is Still Motion. Still motion is a fairly simple and small application which can be installed on...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Photo Lab 1600

There are several useful photo camera apps for the iPhone, one popular app is Photo Lab 1600. This is designed to make using the iPhone camera even easier and also more powerful. What is Photo...[more]

Which DSLR Image Sensor Size is Right for Your Photography?

DSLR cameras come with a variety of image sensor sizes. Larger sensors will yield higher quality images at a greater expense, but there are still more factors to consider. Photographers will need to weigh their options...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Phanfare Photon

There are a number of useful iPhone camera apps which can make using the iPhone camera even easier and more useful. One very well known camera app for the iPhone is Phanfare Photon. By researching...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Photoshop Mobile

Photoshop Mobile is available for a number of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and iPhone. If you ever want to edit your photos on the move then Photoshop Mobile could be the best option for...[more]

Using the iPhone Camera Flash with the FastMac

When it comes to the iPhone, it's biggest minus, the lack of an iPhone camera flash, has now been solved with the help of the FastMac camera flash iPhone case. You finally got your hands...[more]

iPhone Camera Apps: Camera Genius

Camera Genius is a very popular camera application which was created by CodeGoo to make using the camera much easier while still allowing for many more advanced features. There are dozens of different iPhone camera...[more]

Camera Phones: iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One

Until recently camera phones were seen as more of a gimmick rather than a useful feature. However, modern camera phones are powerful. Phones such as the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS have multi-megapixel cameras which...[more]

How To Share Pictures with an iPhone

The pictures iPhone applications is very powerful and useful. The camera on the latest iPhone is capable of taking some very high quality photos. However, once you have taken the photos, you probably don't want...[more]

When to Use an IR CCD

An IR CCD digital camera has many applications for both personal and business use. It allows the camera to "see" in another light spectrum. The following are a few examples of when an IR CCD...[more]

Protecting Your High Resolution CCD

Digital and video cameras use high resolution CCD image sensors instead of film that traditional cameras use. The sensor collects and then converts light into electrical charges that become the digital images that are displayed...[more]

How a Camera Sensor Works

A Single Lens Reflex or SLR camera enables us to see the exact image when taken on the film or a camera sensor beforehand through a viewfinder. An image of the taken picture will be...[more]

iPhone Camera: The Basics

Cell phone cameras are indispensable in everyday life, as is Apple's iPhone camera. The ability to take photos with your cell phone whenever and wherever you want, without carrying a separate camera, is a convenience....[more]

iPhone Camera: Image Quality

Anyone considering buying an iPhone will probably want to find out about the iPhone camera and whether or not it is capable of taking high quality photographs. There have been three major versions of the...[more]

iPhone Camera: Image Management

The Apple iPhone camera has many features that are simply amazing compared to other camera phones. There are several things that an iPhone camera can do. The images that it captures are comparable to other...[more]

Image Sensor: CCD vs. CMOS

There are two image sensors that dominate digital photography today: CCD and CMOS.  Each image sensor has its place in the world but comes with very distinct advantages and disadvantages. Fundamental Construction Image sensors by...[more]

The Rise of CMOS Technology

The rise of CMOS technology, synonymous with active pixel sensor technology, first began in the 1960s when they were first experimented with in early video and television applications (with disappointing results). Because of this, CCD...[more]

Should You Save by Purchasing a Monochrome CCD?

A monochrome CCD camera creates an image where the color range consists of one color. The image is then made up of various shades of this color. Deciding if you should buy one is dependent...[more]

How To Use Focal Lock on Your Digital Camera

Everyone with a digital camera has experienced a focal problem before in a photo. Two people are posing for a shot and after taking it, they discover that they're faces are out of focus while...[more]

How a CMOS Circuit Works

CMOS circuits are quickly replacing CCD image sensors in digital cameras because they are cheaper to manufacture and they consume much less battery power, which means photographers can take pictures longer. But, how does a...[more]

Explaining EXIF Data

EXIF data is additional information which is stored when you take a photo with a digital camera or use many photo editing applications. The EXIF data is supported with JPEG and Tiff files, although Gif...[more]

How to Avoid Getting Your DSLR Image Sensor Dirty

Your camera's image sensor is a very special part of your camera, which is responsible for converting visible light into electrical signals which can then be stored on your cameras memory card. All digital cameras...[more]

How to Keep Your DSLR Image Sensor Clean

A Digital Single Lens camera is wonderful, however, there are a number of problems which can affect the image sensor. The problems with the CCD or image sensor are all caused by dust, and these...[more]

4 Fun Ideas for the Night Portrait Mode

The night portrait mode on a camera allows you to take photos with a slower shutter speed. This will give you a clearer picture without the pure black background. This mode will give you the...[more]

5 EXIF Data Programs

EXIF data programs are there to help photographers determine the specifics of each picture that they take. EXIF data is especially popular with professional photographers that are just starting out, as it helps them to...[more]

How to Use Exposure to Capture Blur in Your Photography

Getting the right exposure in your photographs can be quite tricky. Depending on your priority, you will have to correctly manipulate the exposure triangle. You might decide to use a high ISO setting if you...[more]

Understanding Exposure and Shutter Speed

Knowing how to manipulate exposure on your camera can create a big impact on your photographs. There are 3 main elements to getting the right exposure for your pictures: the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed....[more]

Choosing a CMOS Camera: Key Features

There is a revolution in the film industry happening right now that many people are not aware of, and it's being caused by CMOS cameras. Cameras used for still photography are changing the motion picture...[more]

How to Reduce CMOS Noise

CMOS image processors have been criticized over their noise when compared to CCD sensors and Digital SLR cameras. So how do we reduce CMOS noise? Well, first we need to understand what noise is and...[more]

Getting Film Looks from a CCD Digital Camera

CCD digital cameras produce high resolution photos that are great in terms of quality. And yet, a lot of people complain that digital as an overall medium is inferior to film. Part of it has...[more]

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