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Using an Alpa to Leica Visoflex Lens Adapter

Alpa cameras were fairly popular with professional photographers. These were designed and made in Switzerland to a very high quality. These are vintage cameras, which can make it very difficult to find the right...[more]

Using an Alpa to Leicaflex / R Adapter

Alpa SLR cameras were once very popular, and many people still want to use them. However, it can be very difficult to track down the right Alpa lenses to mount on these. It's often...[more]

Using an Alpa to Pentax 42mm Adapter

Alpa produced some very well-known SLR cameras which were very popular with professionals. While these might be outdated compared to modern auto-focus SLR cameras they still have a number of popular features which make...[more]

Using an Alpa to Nikon F Lens Adapter

Alpa was once a Swiss manufacturer of high end professional SLR camera bodies and lenses. These cameras have been out of production for quite some time, which can make it challenging to find the...[more]

Using an Alpa to Exakta Bayonet Adapter

Anyone using an Alpa SLR body might be finding it increasingly difficult to get suitable lenses. These lenses haven't been made for some time which can make it very difficult to find suitable ones...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Leica R Adapter

Anyone who uses a Universal Bellows camera might be finding it increasingly difficult to find the correct lenses to use with this type of camera. This is because the cameras haven't been made for...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Canon FD Adapter

Lens adapters can be used to utilize many different types of lenses on cameras which use the Universal Bellows mount. This makes it possible to save money by being able to re-use the same...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Canon EOS Adapter

Universal Bellows cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs alike. These cameras used a unique lens mount and while many of the cameras still work, finding suitable lenses can be challenging. If...[more]

Using an C-Mount to Bellows Lens Adapter

Finding a bellows lens suitable for older cameras can be very difficult. This is because many of these cameras have been out of production for quite some time. The easier solution is to use...[more]

Nikon Lens Adapter: Leica Visoflex

The Nikon lens adapter for Leica Visoflex lenses is compatible with almost all Nikon cameras and other selected camera bodies which can take the Nikon F mount. Advantages The advantage of this adapter is...[more]

Leica M Lens Adapters: Leica M Bayonet Mount

The Leica M lens adapter allows you to connect your Leica screw lens to a bayonet mount on an M camera. Without this adapter, it is impossible to combine the screw lenses with M...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Rollei SL-35 Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to mount SLR lenses to a four thirds camera body without sacrificing an image's quality. Four thirds camera are an SLR camera type designed exclusively for digital...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Exakta Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters are available for Exakta lenses so that people who are fans of these lenses can use them on their digital cameras. These adapters provide the full capacity for infinity focusing...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Pentax K Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to use regular SLR lenses on a four thirds camera body. Four thirds cameras get their names from their image aspect ratio, which is 4:3. They employ...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Pentax M42 Lenses

The four thirds lens adapter for Pentax M42 lenses lets you attach this lens on camera bodies which have a different mount, and a depth of flange which is either equal to the M42...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Nikon F

All Sony digital cameras are reliable and trusted. The NEX E series of cameras are all compact and portable cameras. Unlike other compact cameras, these use interchangeable lenses which makes it possible to change...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Iris

Much of the design of a camera is based on the human eye, and one of the most important camera lens parts is the iris. In the eye, the iris is the colored part....[more]

Camera Parts: Shutter Speed Control

A camera is a precise machine composed of many parts, and shutter speed control is one of them. These parts work together to expose an image. Exposure is determined by three setting: the ISO,...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Principal Focus

Camera lenses are the complex tools that make it possible for an image to be recorded on a photographic medium like an image sensor or film. One aspect of a camera lens is focus....[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Spring

Camera lenses are complex instruments composed of many parts; a spring is one of the lesser known ones. Everyone knows about the aperture, focusing rings and the glass in the lens itself. But, no...[more]

Using an Universal Bellows to Minolta Autofocus Adapter

Universal bellows lenses can be very expensive, which is why you can save quite a lot of money by using lens adapters. These adapters make it possible to fit various lenses onto your camera. It's...[more]

Canon FL/FD SLR Adapters: Nikon Aperture Control Lenses

When you are utilizing a Canon FL, and need to control the aperture with the lens, obtaining a Nikon aperture control lens will help you enormously. What the Aperture Control Lens Does When you work...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Minolta MD Lenses

Anyone looking for a four thirds lens might be shocked to learn that they are more expensive than many other lenses for other cameras. Often a much easier and more affordable option is to use lens adaptors to secure...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Nikon Rangefinder

A Sony digital camera is often a market leader. Buying a new camera is often great fun but buying new lenses for it can become very expensive. Sony NEX digital cameras are the same size...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Pentax K

Any Sony digital camera that uses the NEX E mount is a compact camera which has the option of changing lenses. These are different from compact point and shoot cameras because different lenses can be...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Leica M

If your Sony digital camera is an NEX E camera then this means that it's fairly small. These cameras aren't like normal compact point and shoot cameras. Actually, they are much more professional because they...[more]

Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Contax/Yashica Lenses

Four thirds lens mounts were developed by Olympus and Panasonic. They are a compact lens mount which is commonly used on many compact cameras including the Panasonic G1. If you do have one of these...[more]

Sony Digital Camera NEX E Adapters: Contax Rangefinder

Using a Sony Digital Camera is always a good experience. However, if you have just brought one, buying all new lenses and accessories can prove to be very expensive. There is, however, a solution. It's...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Kippon Contax G Lens

A micro four thirds lens adaptor can be used as a way to save yourself money when buying a new camera. Micro four thirds is a fairly new type of lens mount which was developed...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Leica R Lenses

Micro four thirds cameras are small compact cameras with a nice modern stylish design. What sets them apart from the competition is the fact that you can change the lenses. There are several examples of...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Olympus OM Lenses

When using a micro four thirds camera, you will be able to change the lenses. This is useful, however, it can be very expensive to buy all of the different lenses. An easier and cheaper...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Contax/Yashica Lens

If you have a compact camera with interchangeable lenses, then it probably uses the Micro four thirds lens system. These cameras are much smaller than normal SLR cameras, but the lenses can be expensive. Most...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Canon FD

Micro four thirds is a lens technology designed by Panasonic and Olympus. It was designed to make it possible to include interchangeable lenses on compact camera bodies. There are quite a few cameras which use the...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Pentax K Lens

Micro four thirds cameras are new types of compact cameras which have interchangeable lenses. These make it easy to capture high quality images by focusing the image accurately. The problem with these cameras is that...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Nikon F Lens

A micro four thirds camera is a type of compact digital camera which has interchangeable lenses. This makes it possible to take a wide variety of different types of photographs by changing the lenses. If...[more]

Micro Four Thirds Adapters: Leica M Lens

Micro four thirds camera lenses were developed by Panasonic and Olympus. The design makes it possible to use interchangeable lenses on compact cameras. One of the best known micro four thirds cameras is the Lumix...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Leica M Visoflex Lens

Using Canon lens adapters will make it possible to use some of the old lenses that you already have rather than always needing to replace them with new ones. Lenses can be very expensive, and...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Pentax Screw Mount 42mm

Canon lens adapters can be used to change the types of lenses that you can use on your camera. All camera manufacturers have different types of lens mounts or fittings which they use on their...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Olympus OM Lens

Canon lens adapters can be used to save you a fortune because you don't need to buy new lenses every time you buy a new SLR camera. Digital SLR cameras from Canon will normally use...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Pentax K Lens

If you have just bought a new Canon SLR digital camera then you might find that Canon lens adapters can save you a fortune. The problem with new cameras is that they often require new...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Contax/Yashica RTS Lens

Canon lens adapters can be used as a way to use virtually any lens on your camera, even if it was designed for a different brand. This is a useful way of saving money and...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Nikon AI/AF Lens

Canon lens adapters make it possible to use lots of different types of lenses with your Canon camera. Most Canon cameras use the EOS lens mount, and these adapters suit the majority of digital SLR...[more]

Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Leica R Lens

If you have just purchased a new camera and want to use your old lenses, then Canon lens adapters can be used. This is a special type of adapter which screws into the typical EOS...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Optical Centre

Camera lenses, like all lenses, possess an optical center. On simple lenses, like a single, curved piece of glass, light bends as it travels slower through the transparent material. A viewer behind the lens will...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Principal Axis

One feature common to all lenses, including camera lenses, is the principal axis. On a simple lens, say a curved piece of glass, the principal axis is an imaginary line drawn directly through the center...[more]

Camera Lens Parts: Electrical Connector Strip

The electrical connector strip acts as the gateway between the lens and the camera body on a digital SLR camera. Both the lens and the lens mount have electrical connectors that need to be properly...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Anterior Surface

Camera lenses are complex pieces of machinery composed of autofocus motors, mechanical rings, a few lenses (to create a compound lens), an aperture and lots more. Lenses function according to the physical law of optics....[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Axis

Camera lenses are extremely complex pieces of machinery that project an image onto a photographic medium, such as an image sensor or film. This is accomplished by the science of optics. One concept to understand...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Anterior Pole

Camera lenses are complex pieces of machinery that employ the science of optics to project an image. In the case of photography, they project an image onto a photographic medium like film or an image...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Posterior Pole

Camera lenses are complex and precise instruments that project an image onto a photographic medium. We may refer to our individual camera lenses in the singular form, but in reality these lenses are actually compound...[more]

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