How To Use Trick iPhone Camera Lenses

Who would have thought that trick iPhone camera lenses from Urban Outfitters would create such a stir amongst gadget lovers. A new gadget for your iPhone, the "Trick camera lens" allows you to take photographs that incorporate some funky special effects. The lenses are very cheap at $8.00 apiece, so buying several different types will not break the bank.

What You Need

  • An Apple iPhone
  • One or more Trick Camera Lenses

Step 1 - Acquire the Lens(es)

Select the special effect lens or lenses that you would like from any Urban Outfitters store or from Order the lens and pay using any of the available payment options or online money transfer agencies.

Step 2 - Fit the Lens

Once you have received your lens, it is a simple matter to attach it to the existing iPhone lens. The lenses can only be used one at a time, but it is a simple matter to attach and remove them. They are a snap-on fit; what could be easier? They also come attached to a coiled keychain.

Step 3 - Take Your Photographs

You have the choice of several special effects for your photographs, including "starburst," "heart," "kaleidoscope," "sparkle" or "wide angle."

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