How to Use the Voice Recorder Memo on Digital Cameras

When out in the field creating photography with your digital cameras, leaving yourself reminders of why you took a photo a certain way can help during the editing process. Each camera out there has it's own menu for leaving a voice recorder memo; make sure you read your owner's manual to find the correct process. For this article, a Coolpix 4500 will be used as an example, since this is the first type of Coolpix to include the voice recording feature.

Step 1

Once you have taken your image, view the image in full screen playback. Press the FUNC button and hold; an indicator on the screen will flash allowing for a 20 second recording.

Step 2

To know which images have voice recordings, a musical note indicator will appear in the upper right hand corner of the view screen. You can delete the recording during playback with the trash can button.

The microphone for this camera is located on the top of the camera and the speaker is in the rear near the monitor screen. In order to take voice recordings, you need to have a CompactFlash card inserted into the camera.

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